Where to donate gently used items in Johnson City, TN

The New Year is coming in hot! (Or cold here in Johnson City, Tennessee.)  

Now is a perfect time to get your home organized while helping out local Non-Profits in the Johnson City and Kingsport TN. area.

It is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions and New Year, New Me goals and it starts at home.  No matter what your new goals and visions are that you are setting for yourself, if your environment is cluttered and messy, you will be less likely to achieve them.

According to an article in Psychology Today, messy spaces can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety which will leave you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. By getting rid of some of your unused and unwanted things, you are helping yourself and someone who could benefit from these items..


Out with the old and in with the new sounds like it could be an exhausting task but knowing that you are helping someone in need is a feeling that makes this chore all worth it.

One of first things you can do is start by clearing out and organizing your closets and cabinets.  You might not see that mess, but every time you open one of those doors, it can affect you. Don’t worry if you can’t get it all done in one day.  Just start.  Pick one small area a day or a week and commit to finishing it before moving on to the next.

WHERE TO DONATE                                                                                   

There are many places you can donate in the Tri-Cities, but if you are in the Johnson City or Kingsport Tennessee area here are a few of our local favorite places you can take your donations. Each one of these places support and benefit different needs in the community.

Family Promise of Greater Johnson City, TN.– 215 W. Watauga Ave. Johnson City, TN.

Gods Corner– 800 E. Lakeview Dr. Johnson City, TN.

Haven of Mercy– 123 W. Millard St. Johnson City, TN.

Wags to Riches– 2450 W. Walnut St. Johnson City, TN.

Smile Foster Closet– 1401 Prospect Dr. Kingsport, TN.

Our focus at Green Meadow Cleaning is about helping you create a place that gives you time to rest
and reset. From the moment you wake up, your surroundings will set the tone for your day, which is why doing these things will help bring you clarity so you can focus your energy towards achieving your new goals.

Once you finish clearing your home of everything that you don’t use, you may be tempted to start cleaning everything else in your home.

Deep Clean your home

A top to bottom home deep clean is an amazing feeling, once it is completed.  Depending on the size of your home, if you are doing it by yourself, it may take you a few days.  A typical, thorough, deep house cleaning can take 12 hours or more without help. We have deep cleaned homes that took up to 20 hours! Allow yourself time and patience by focusing on just 1 or 2 rooms a day or week, depending on your schedule and size of your home. Make sure to take a break!

If you don’t have that much time or energy to complete it, we would love to help. We will send a team and most of the time can get it cleaned in one day for you. If you feel like a professional house cleaning service would help you, please contact Green Meadow Cleaning for a quote.

Your home is unique, and you may have different things that you need, but I recommend making yourself a house cleaning checklist.  I am a visual person and if you are anything like me checklists work better when it comes to productivity and accomplishing tasks.  You can take a look at our residential home deep cleaning checklist to use or to help you create your own.

Green Meadow Cleaning Deep Clean and Maintenance Cleaning Checklist

Set yourself a regular cleaning schedule to maintain a clean home

Once you declutter and deep clean your home, make sure to establish a regular home cleaning schedule for yourself that fits your lifestyle.  Keeping dust down and floors cleaned daily is a great habit if you have time, but I suggest a good maintenance house cleaning weekly or every other week. If you prefer not to clean yourself, most professional house cleaning companies in Johnson City, Tennessee provide weekly, biweekly, monthly, and as needed services.


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