Make everyday better than yesterday!

I can hear you now.. another cleaning blog.  More information on how you should clean, how you should not clean, tips for a quick clean up, and how to bribe your children into cleaning up after their selves. (I was not too lucky with that, ha ha.) Then there are the links recommending one product over the other.  Or just someone trying to sell you their services.  I mean this stuff IS great.  But… Links, tips, buy, sell, links, tips, sell, buy, pick me, pick me, pick me!  A simple google search and you will find more information on these things that you will have brain overload like no other.  If you thought you were overwhelmed before, just wait until you have read 10, 20, 30 blog posts on these topics.  You will end up going to the store, coming home and turning your nice organized space into a place that looks like a janitorial supply company exploded in your kitchen. (Talk about a mess!) How do I know?  I have done it!! Many, many times! Yikes!  That doesn’t mean that I won’t talk about my favorite go to supplies from time to time, (because I will) but really, that isn’t why I am here.  (Orange Glow is one of our favorites, though) Great cleaning and that wonderful light orange fragrance.

See what I did there 😊  Seriously, try this stuff!

What I want to do is something that you normally wouldn’t expect on a cleaning service blog post. I can’t stress enough that my vision for starting this cleaning company was to give families and individuals time back so that they could have a few extra hours to enjoy their life.  What you are going to get from me is normal everyday life.  Because, as they say, life happens.  I absolutely LOVE cleaning.  I LOVE helping others find ways to free up even just a few hours a week to do the other things that matter the most to them.  I LOVE being able to provide employment opportunities to our own community.  As of today, I have 8 employees.  That is 8 people that we provide an income to so they can contribute to their own households. And it is because of our clients!  But my first love, my true love, is being able to offer support, help, encouraging words, and testimonies to someone else who might need it.  You may laugh, you may cry. You may relate to my story, or you may think I am plain bat shit crazy. (Many actually do, ha ha)

Either way, it is my hope and prayer, that anything I write, will encourage and inspire you to make each day better than yesterday!

Happy Reading!